July Is Vet Anniversary Month

July is the time of year at McKee-Pownall where we celebrate a lot of work anniversaries for our veterinarians. We typically hire new veterinarians after they complete a one-year internship following their graduation from veterinary college. Internships in North America usually begin sometime in June and end around the same time the following year.

We prefer hiring veterinarians from an internship for several reasons. Most vet students don’t receive sufficient practical experience in vet school, so working in a busy veterinary hospital gives offers a hands on and diverse case load. Also, we appreciate the wide-ranging knowledge new vets at MPES bring to us after their internship. We are always striving to be at the cutting edge of medical knowledge so the more experiences we can bring on board the better for our clients and their horses. Our vets have come from internships across North America, so we are the beneficiaries of some of the best veterinary minds across the continent. Finally, we have hired several veterinarians that have worked with us as students and we would like them to do an internship elsewhere, so they learn new things beyond the comforts of MPES. Inevitably, they come back home with a great background and skill level that allows them to jump right in and work with you and your horses.

We are very proud of how long many of our veterinarians have been with MPES. Drs. Maggie Turner and Michelle Courtemanche were the first associates we hired 12 years ago. Dr. Kathryn Surasky joined us 10 years ago, followed 2 years later by Dr. Tovah Caldwell. In 2012 Dr. Jim Welsh came on board, followed by Dr. Andrea Dube in 2015. Drs. Samantha Molson and Marisa Markey spent a lot of time with us as vet students and we were very happy when they came back home in 2016 and 2017, respectively. Dr. Ali Miletic, who also spent time with us as a Summer Student, joined our Newmarket practice in 2017 and we welcomed Dr. Kyle Goldie this past winter. Those of you in our Caledon practice area will soon meet Dr. Taylor Mahren in a couple of short weeks as soon as she finishes up at her internship.

Having a mix of veterans and newer vets ensures that while all vets deliver the same high level of medical care and personalized experience, the influx of new ideas makes everyone a better vet.

Happy Anniversary everyone!

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