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Equine SOS

The phone rings. We have just finished laughing about the squirrel outside our window that we have named “Nutty,” guarding his tree from fellow wildlife. We answer. On the other end of the receiver is a teary voice, indicating that … Continue reading

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Can You Hear What the Client is Saying?

Every year the Customer Service Representatives (CSR) from all of our practices get together for a CSR training day. We discuss topics like emergency situations, how to handle different types of calls, how to respond to certain questions and how to provide the best service we can. Continue reading

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Routine Services – Bundled in a Convenient Package

Everyone has a busy life, and smart businesses are using different methods, to offer convenience to their clients, so it is easier to deal with the business.  One of these methods is to provide packaged services. It is present in … Continue reading

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Thank you for calling McKee-Pownall Equine Services

Thank you for calling McKee-Pownall Equine Services – or in this case, checking out our website!  My name is Laura.  You may have spoken with me on the phone or corresponded with me via email.  I am a part of … Continue reading

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Head it Off at the Pass- Preventative Preparations for Show Season

As we prepare for show season, most riders think of extra lessons, fitting up their eventers with conditioning programs and trailering in to school at different arenas and venues and buying new accessories and gear. As a vet, my perspective is a little different, as I think of the ramped up work load as an extra stress/strain on joints and muscles, vaccination, deworming, nutrition and dental floating. Just as people are getting geared up for bikini season with extra training sessions and if we’re lucky, a new wardrobe, so are our horsey companions. However, they aren’t getting prepped to lay on a sandy beach with a cold beer, they’re getting ready to work harder in the summer heat! Continue reading

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Geriatric Care

At this time of year I find myself having many conversations with clients about what to do for older horses that have a difficult time maintaining their weight during the winter.  This is a pretty common problem among horses 18+ … Continue reading

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Acupuncture for a Sick Horse

Typically, I would not choose acupuncture for a sick horse as my first line of defense.  We have excellent drugs, like antibiotics and anti-inflammatories that have been known to save lives. During a course lecture for “Evidence Based Acupuncture” I … Continue reading

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The Basics

Equine dentistry can be one of the most challenging and rewarding aspects of veterinary medicine.  These days many veterinarians have special training in dentistry and several have devoted their practice exclusively to the subject.  As an associate at McKee-Pownall Equine … Continue reading

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Safety First

As many of you probably know, there was an explosion involving a hyperbaric oxygen chamber at an equine rehabilitation facility.  The explosion resulted in one horse and person being killed and a second person being seriously injured.  The details of … Continue reading

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The Joys of Treating an Older Horse

As the owner of several geriatric horses, I know first hand how endearing owning an “oldie” can really be.  A swayed back, a droopy lip, a greyed face, a missing eye are charming qualities that become all the more sweet … Continue reading

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