Acupuncture Continues…

I just finished my first on site equine acupuncture course at the Chi Insititute in Reddick, Florida, and I am very excited to get started helping my patients. We learned an awful lot of material- starting at 8:30am every morning and working right until 6:00pm. Every evening after finishing up the course, my head was swimming with information jumbling and swirling around. Dr. Turner and I were so tired after long days of learning that we were in bed by 8:30 every nigh; not exactly party animals!

Every morning we started with lectures refreshing us and introducing new materials, then we proceeded on to wet labs in the afternoon with real cases and practical, hands-on experience. I think the most interesting case we had involved a Quarterhorse mare with multiple back issues who we saw on the first day. We all had the chance to palpate (feel) the mare all over. When we felt her back, she tried to double barrel us, she was that sore. She pinned her ears and cow-kicked every time our instructor scanned her body over the back points and hock associated points. Our instructor decided to use a point on the foot to treat the back pain. It’s hard to believe until you’ve seen it, but Dr. Carlos put a needle into an accupoint on the foot on the same meridian as our blockage, and less than 30 seconds later, the mare didn’t mind us touching her hind end! The principle of this is explained by meridians- (see previous post) but essentially, there are merdians or lines running along the body, along which energy flows. If energy is blocked up like a traffic jam in a spot, it causes pain. Sometimes it is too painful to relieve the blockage of energy at the site of pain, so a far away spot on the meridian can do the same thing.

Between sessions in Florida, we will be doing 20 lectures, each about and hour and a half each, learning more about diagnosing diseases and lameness issues from a TCVM point of view.

Melanie Barham DVM

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