Spring Update

Quite a few of our patients spend their winter months either resting, or working hard in the southern states.  This means that my job as an RVT changes.  We have fewer appointments, which frees up some time to play a bit of catch up and prepare for the spring rush.  But it also allows me the opportunity to pursue other projects that might otherwise remain on the proverbial back burner.

One such project was to speak at the Ontario Association for Veterinary Technicians annual conference.  Historically the OAVT conference has not had an overabundance of equine specific content, something I personally thought ought to change.  And so, with some gentle prodding from Dr. Pownall, I decided to provide some equine content myself.  Dr. Pownall and I had a few brainstorming meetings and came up with two topics that we would co-present: “Digital Imaging in Equine Practice” and “Opportunities for Veterinary Technicians in Equine Ambulatory Practice”.  Both topics are of special interest to me, so I was pretty excited (and a little nervous) to be taking on this challenge.

The conference was held at the London Convention Center over a two day period.  In addition to the presentations and wet labs, there was a trade fair, an annual general meeting, and an attendees dinner (complete with hypnotist and awards presentations).  I found the awards to be particularly inspiring and heartwarming.

I was quite anxious leading up to the conference, as this would be my first time ever presenting at an event like this.  On the morning of our presentation day I met up with Dr. Pownall and his wife, Dr. McKee, who came for moral support.  That’s when the nerves really kicked in!  Thankfully, my nervousness was short lived: As soon as I stood up in front of the audience and started talking, it all became much easier.

The presentations seemed to be well received and I was very glad to be able to share a little bit of my knowledge and experiences with others.

To see our presentations please visit our Continuing Education section on www.mpequine.com

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