American Association of Equine Practitioners Convention 2011

As you know, Mike, Michelle, Maggie, Elise, and myself all traveled to the American Association of Equine Practitioners convention in San Antonio Texas over the last week. Elise and I headed down together on Friday, and a customs guy asked if we were sisters! Well, I HAD brushed my hair that day for a change so I suppose we both looked stylish and put together. I guess I was the “bossy” sister and Elise was the nice one J We made the trip down without further ado and hit the ground running. Mike had arrived a day earlier because not only did he have extensive presentations to prepare, he was also promoting both Digital Pulse and Equine Best Practices to potential clients. He was so busy that I only forced him out of bed at 5am to go to the gym with me once all week. And they say I’m not nice!

Mike’s presentations on podiatry and social media were really terrific and several people came up to pay him compliments on a daily basis. Elise had been preparing all week for her co-presentation with Mike for the RVT’s and it also went very well. I too was asked to speak, on “Lameness in the Racehorse” for an audience of racetrack practitioners. Although I was a bit intimidated about going up to speak in front a roomful of seasoned track practitioners, it went terrifically well and I really hope they ask me back next year. Michelle and Maggie were attending lectures every day too, and the program was so diverse that at any given time each vet could be in a different talk. Between the five of us we are bringing home lots of exciting new information and techniques! We all spent a good deal of time in the trade show talking to reps about new equipment and medications that may be useful in our practice. I know that some reference books and dental equipment will be on their way home soon.

So Mike, Elise and I finally arrived home Wednesday afternoon. Yes, that is 24 hours later than we were supposed to land, but thanks to an airplane engine light, the three of us were able to sample the delights of the San Antonio terminal for about nine hours and then explore the charming motel accommodations near the Detroit airport while we awaited our missed connection.  Within a couple of hours of hitting tarmac in Toronto, Mike and Elise had to hop in the car and drive to Sudbury to do a  couple of  big days of dentals and lameness exams that were scheduled before our travel plans went pear-shaped. I’m sure they were mutually relieved to have a shower and change of clothes before the long car ride J Hats off to a couple of troopers!

The AAEP conference is informative, inspiring, and a major confidence booster. One thing I notice every year is that, as a practice, MPES maintains a very high standard in everything we do, and we comparable favourably to the best practices worldwide. Other top vets are handling medical and lameness issues the same way we are, struggle with the same questions we do, and have the same case outcomes that we have. I think that on the whole we should all be very proud of our individual contributions and team spirit, because that is what makes MPES so great.

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