A Day Answering the Phones at MPES

My present role at MPES is as Head Technician.  This means that I spend a great deal of time in the clinic at a computer working on administrative duties, training initiatives, daily organizing and troubleshooting.  Occasionally, I head out on the road with the vets to do appointments and there are always the MRI appointments to give me some hands on horse time.  One thing that I am not often called upon to do is field phone calls.

To give you some background information, when the phone rings at our house, 90% of the time the call is for my husband (he’s a real social guy), 8% of the time it’s someone trying to sell us something, and about 2% of the time the call might be for me.  My preference is to communicate in person and over the years people have come to learn this.  Hence the lack of calls (I think).   For anyone that knows me, this should not be a huge surprise, especially when you think of how many times we have chatted on the phone J.

Well, this past week our customer service representatives were having a training day.  They were all away from their desks learning how to improve upon their skills, sharing their ideas and experiences and by the sounds of the laughter heard coming from our conference room, they were having a great time too.  So if they are all away from the phones, guess who had to answer them?  Now, I was not alone in this adventure.  I had my trusty co-worker Stacey alongside.  Together we answered all the calls coming into the Campbellville office.  And over in Newmarket, Nicole was doing the same thing.

The culture at MPES is one that encourages team work; the attitude “it’s not my job” doesn’t fly.  We are a close group that supports each other and are encouraged to be courageous and step out of our comfort zones.  There is much to be gained from spending a day in someone else’s shoes and broadening your own skill set.  I can honestly say that I enjoyed my day on the phones.  I learned a lot more about the challenges our customer service representatives face on a daily basis.  “Cross-training” in this way is refreshing and eye opening.  In turn, it helps make me better at what I do.

So yes, I will answer the phones again.  When all three lines are ringing and I know there are only 2 other people on the property, I take a deep breath and pick up the receiver.



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