Routine Services – Bundled in a Convenient Package

Everyone has a busy life, and smart businesses are using different methods, to offer convenience to their clients, so it is easier to deal with the business.  One of these methods is to provide packaged services. It is present in the telecommunications industry with bundles for internet/phone and television.  It is present in the auto industry with service/maintenance and warranty packages.  It even pops up in the financial industry with banks offering mortgage, credit and insurance packages.  I could provide a whole page of examples, but I want you to keep reading!

You are probably wondering what this has to do with an equine veterinary practice.

Veterinary medicine has been surviving off of an archaic business model.  Up until recently our governing body in Ontario wouldn’t allow us to offer packages or bundled services.  Things that are considered normal in other sectors of business – are practically unheard of, or cutting edge in our industry.

My horse, Rocky is treated like one of my children. My experience has been that it is much easier to book appointments, access emergency services and obtain patient history for him, than for my human children.  Going through a pregnancy, while working for a vet clinic, gave me plenty of chances to compare the client experience between human and veterinary medicine.  Having a baby meant that I spent countless hours in doctors offices, waiting for labs and  spending time on the phone coordinating appointments.  Once the baby arrived, it was numerous weight checks, nutritional consults and vaccines.  Vaccines were the worst!  Often, the brand name of a vaccine has nothing to do with the disease it is fighting.  Most of the time, I couldn’t pronounce either the drug name or the disease, let alone know how often it needs to be boosted.  I would have appreciated the opportunity to sign up for a program that monitored all of those appointments for me.  It’s a lot to keep track of, and can be quite overwhelming. 

With the recognition, that our clients are busy people we decided to create a Preventative Health Care Plan (PHCP) for your convenience.  We thought about the things that we would want for our horses.  Most people consider routine vaccines, dentistry and worming protocols as standard care.  We wanted to do more, by providing an even higher standard of care.  It is easy to overlook physical exams or baseline blood work, when there are no health issues at the forefront, but by including these services in a PHCP, you will appreciate having something to compare to, should the need arise!  What is exciting about offering this program (from an employee perspective) is that we get to provide a comprehensive health care program for your horse, you get to save some money, you receive reminders for appointments, and your medical records are easily accessible.

We have established that our clients are busy.  We also realize that different styles of owners require different services.  With this in mind, we developed 3 different plans to suit your individual needs.

Don’t become overwhelmed by everyday life. Take advantage of one of the health plan options available to you.  It will make your life easier, and we get to care about your horse as much as you do. Maybe we can learn to pronounce those vaccine and disease names together. 

Laura Holmes – Campbellville Office Manager

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