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Why I Love Equine Dentistry

As equine veterinarians we see a large variety of horses, and we get to be involved in all aspects of horse health and wellness. An important part of that is dentistry. All vets are trained to properly and effectively perform … Continue reading

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March Musings with Dr. Andrea Dubé-Collum

March brought all kinds of interesting and exciting things to me, and the Nemarket practice. The March weather, save for a few fabulous days, was all Lion as far as I was concerned. So WET, and so COLD – combined! … Continue reading

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Challenges of Supplying Medications

With the advent of online pharmacies in the US, as veterinarians, we are often asked why we don’t carry a certain product, or why prices are sometimes higher in Canada than what is advertised on a US online pharmacy. The simple answer is that Canada and the US do not share drug approval systems; so what is available and approved in the US may not be approved for use in Canada and vice versa. Also the product manufacturers often have separate Canadian and US divisions or suppliers. Believe it or not we share these same frustrations and often ask our suppliers these same questions. Continue reading

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